Quick Apple Crisp Bowl
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Quick Apple Crisp Bowl

Prep: 10 minutes
Microwave: 2 minutes • Serves: 2

1 medium Gala or Braeburn apple, cored and sliced 1/4-inch thick
1 cup PICS oats & honey granola or your favorite granola cereal
3 tablespoons PICS sliced almonds
1 tablespoon PICS light brown sugar
1/4 teaspoon PICS ground cinnamon
1-1/2 tablespoons PICS unsalted butter, cut into small pieces
1/3 cup PICS low-fat plain or vanilla yogurt (optional)

1. In medium bowl, toss apple, granola, almonds, brown sugar and cinnamon. Evenly divide apple mixture into 2 small microwave-safe bowls; top each with half the butter.

2. Cover 1 bowl with paper towel and cook in microwave oven on high 1 minute or until apples are just tender; stir to combine. Repeat with remaining bowl. Serve topped with yogurt, if desired.

Approximate nutritional values per serving:
400 Calories, 18g Fat, 7g Saturated Fat, 29mg Cholesterol, 47mg Sodium,
56g Carbohydrates, 7g Fiber, 30g Sugars, 21g Added Sugars, 8g Protein

Chef Tip:
Adjust the ingredients in this recipe for personal taste: substitute walnuts or pecans for almonds; add dried fruit, honey and/or sweetened coconut flakes to the apple mixture; top with fresh berries.