S’mores are classic campfire treats that excite kids and adults alike. The exact origin of this fire-roasted, chocolatey confection with melty marshmallows is unclear, but some reports date them back as early as 1925, when they debuted as popular Boy and Girl Scout treats.

Whether you prefer the traditional version or have a more sophisticated palate, indulge in these creative combinations on National S’mores Day (August 10th) and all summer long.

Next time you’re sitting around the campfire, give these s’mores a try:

  • Graham Crackers + Bacon or Candied Bacon + Chocolate Toffee Bar + Marshmallow
  • Oatmeal Cookies + Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup + Grape Jelly + Marshmallow
  • Lemon Biscuits + Raspberries + Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup + Marshmallow
  • Pretzel Chips + Apple Slices + Caramel-Filled Candy Bar + Marshmallow
  • Gingersnaps + Pineapple Slices + Coconut-Almond Candy Bar + Marshmallow