Healthier Cooking Technique: Master the Art of Stir-Frying
Healthier Cooking Technique: Master the Art of Stir-Frying

Stir-frying is a versatile Chinese cooking technique that yields quick, well-balanced, family-friendly meals. Here are essential tips for mastering this culinary art in minutes.

Quick Stir-Fry Tips
Prep in Advance: Since high temperatures cook stir-fries fast, it helps to have everything prepped before firing up the flames. Slice, dice, chop and grate your ingredients, then organize them in small bowls in cooking order to streamline your process.

Clever Cutting: Cut ingredients into small, uniform pieces. Begin by cooking longer-cooking items, like meats, then add quick-cooking components such as veggies or noodles.

The Right Pan: While a wok is the traditional choice, a wide cast-iron or sauté pan can also do the job. These pans distribute heat evenly and require less oil to reduce splatter. Keep your pan scorching hot when adding ingredients.

Minimal Oil: Opt for oils with high smoke points, like canola, avocado, grapeseed or peanut oil. Heat your pan first, then add oil until it shimmers without smoking. Cooking in batches maintains the high heat; overcrowding cools it down.

Keep it Moving: Constantly toss, flip and swirl while stir-frying to cook foods evenly without scorching.