September is National Organic Month
September is National Organic Month

September is National Organic Month, an awareness campaign focusing on organic farming and production. Without chemically formulated fertilizers, growth stimulants, antibiotics or pesticides, organic farming relies on crop rotation, natural fertilizers, composting, natural pest control and mechanical cultivation to maintain soil productivity.

The Farm Just Got Closer
We partner with local farms in our region to source organic produce each growing season. Our shoppers are always looking for more choices, which inspires us to carry up to 100 USDA-certified organic items. From cereal to in-season produce from our Northeast farm partners, organic favorites are available in each department.

How Can You Support Organic Farming?

• Pick up organic home.grown. produce at your local Price Chopper or Market 32.

   – Organic squashes from Reeves Farms in Baldwinsville, NY, and organic greens from Harlow Farm in Westminster, VT, are just a few examples of in-season crops we source locally.

   – During the Northeast growing season, our Full Circle bagged salads feature greens grown here in our region.

• Use up every part of organic produce in root-to-stem cooking!

• Whether in the produce section, frozen foods aisle, or health and beauty department, purchase organic items whenever you can.

• Educate yourself about the benefits of organic farming and share findings with friends.